The effect comes off as a much heavier version of Lacuna Coil or current Tristania but with a much rawer production approach. Everything is discernible though and should appeal to those who are looking for a much more aggressive approach to the Gothic metal style. This is a sort of progressive thrash metal that certainly seems to merit qualities that could shake up the current standard-fare of it all. Jennifer's operatic approach to vocals adds that "gothic touch" to this prog/thrash mixture which I am surprised has not been attempted by more bands in the past. It's the refresher we need.

Eric May - The Grim Tower (April 2013)


Here we have the combination of thrash metal, death metal and heavy metal that is the essence of the band (and) they have polished this style and taken it to new limits. Tracks like “Century” are full of brutality and they show one of the trademarks of the band's sound that is the combination of the brutal male voice and the enchanting female vocals...A really original band that gets better with each release.

Federiko - Music Extreme (August 2009)


"The band’s guitarists mix heavy riffs, solid rhythms and tasteful solos with the melodic vocals for contrast. The band has a great image with long hair ... I would like to see more of them."
Sheila Wes Det, Metallian , "King of The Blind" 2008 EP (reviewed Aug 25, 2007)


"Female fronted thrash with dive bomb solos and all the elements that make up awesome metal. My Favorite track on this cd would have to be "Chains of Cruelty". They can play balls out speed and nail it, but can also slow it down and bring melodic grace ... There are some killer riffs found on this cd."

Downshifter - Full Metal Rock, "King of The Blind" 2008 EP (reviewed January 2010)


"We have an incredible mix of male and female vocals that makes each of the tracks here a unique experience... The musicians here have a lot of technical skills and they put all this skills on each of the tracks to create this six magnificent compositions... This is with no doubt one of the best albums of the month."

Federiko - Music Extreme, for the Descent Into Madness 2002 EP (reviewed May 2003)

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